The End of Maternity Leave: Balancing Life as a New Working Mom

Ana is a blogger, legal assistant, wife, and mother. She blogs about all things parenting, healthy living, and wellness. What is most interesting to me is the way she shares the real stories of what it means to be a working mom! On of her most popular posts is 7 Reasons Why I Love Being a Working Mom. Today, for Create Balance, she shares her tips for making the transition from maternity leave back to work.

Being a mom is amazing. But let’s be real; it is also hard!

Being a working mom comes with its own unique challenges. Making sure you are giving it your all at the office but also making sure you’re 100% present with your family can get tricky at times. I was surprised by my own struggles when I returned to work after maternity leave. My husband and I had to get creative with our schedules both at home and work to ease my way back into work-life after maternity leave. Today I will be sharing with you a few ways that helped me ease back to my work life after maternity leave to make the most of my time at home.

Talk to your Boss

Communication is so important when it comes to getting the schedule you want, and making it work for you and your employer. A few months before I went on maternity leave I spoke with my boss and basically asked for my ideal schedule. Thankfully, I work for pretty amazing people and they were flexible enough to give me the schedule that I requested. Here is the thing: you don’t lose anything by asking. The worst case scenario is they say no and you keep your regular schedule. However, something that might help is letting them know you’re open to suggestions. Maybe it isn’t possible for them to completely change your schedule, but they might be able to give you something a little different. You know your boss, you will know how to best go about this.


This is a huge one for me. Finding a babysitter that you can completely trust will totally make a difference. Having that piece of mind that your child is in safe hands will make your workday so much better. Know what their policy is about you checking-in in person or via phone, how flexible their schedule is and all those details, which bring me to my next point…

Pictures and Videos

This one goes along with childcare. My mom takes care of my daughter, which I love. She usually sends me a picture or a video during the day. This brightens up my day and actually motivates me to work smarter so I can make sure I get stuff done so I can leave on time and go see my baby. Believe me, nobody works harder or faster than a mama that wants to make it home to see her baby, right. Maybe you can ask your childcare provider to send you a picture, video or update at some point in the day.

Make Mornings Easier

Getting ready in the mornings with a baby is a lot different than without. I’m lucky that my daughter is usually still sleeping during the time that I get ready for work. Additionally my husband starts work an hour after I do, which was one of the reasons I spoke to my boss and moved my schedule around. So if my daughter does wake up, he takes care of her. What I try to do is get as much done at night to prepare for the next day. For example, I  shower at night, and lay clothes out the night before. I also try to have something super easy and quick for breakfast, like a granola bar,  so it doesn’t take up too much time. I also keep food at work that I can quickly prepare at the office like oatmeal or cottage cheese and fruit. It is also about getting creative with your time and needs.

Live Guilt-Free

Finally, please try to let go of the guilt. That working-mom-guilt can be painful! We have all experienced at one point or another.  Sure, it can be tough at times but with a little tweaking in your schedule and staying positive. But you should know that you can do it! We are moms after all and moms can do anything 😉

Author: Ana Bazquez – Ana is a working mom to a sweet 8-month-old baby girl. She loves spending time with her daughter and husband exploring the outdoors of Oregon. She is a Legal Assistant by day and enjoys working out, trying new foods and exploring little vintage shops. In her blog, The Blushing Mama, you will find anything from her experiences as a first-time working mom to healthy living and fitness tips. You can also find her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram,

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