Are you in a group with parents who want support balancing busy lives?

I provide workshops to groups of all shapes and sizes including new mom’s groups, book clubs, PTA’s etc. Hire me to teach your group about systems that will help you find balance and joy in your busy life!  Check out the workshop descriptions below and contact me to request one of these, or a customized workshop, to meet your needs.

Productivity for Parents: how to get things done when there is too much to do 

buttonDescription: Most people have more on their plate than they can handle, and this is especially true for parents. Join me as I teach you how to adapt David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” system to work and family life. This system makes your limited work time more productive and gives you time for personal growth, playtime with children, and relaxation, even while dealing with the daily demands of childcare, errands, and managing a household.

Plan Your Time to Mirror Your Values: how to feel less rushed and have more time for what matters

Description: Too often parents find themselves so caught up in day-to-day responsibilitiesbutton that they don’t have time to stop and enjoy the life they are living. This course will help you reflect on your values and develop personal systems that will help you find time in your life to be present and enjoy the moments that matter. Along the way we will also discuss the importance of self-care and time for reflection as ongoing tools to help you achieve an improved life-balance.

Make-Ahead Meals for Busy Parents: how to prepare healthy, easy, and budget-friendly meals 

buttonDescription: Do you struggle to put a healthy dinner on the table every night? Do you find yourself reaching for processed food or take-out more than you want to? Then this course is for you! My “Make-Ahead Meals” system is guaranteed to minimize cooking time and maximize your family’s health and budget. This course will teach you how to plan meals quickly and efficiently, and to prepare heat-and-serve meals that put delicious dinners on your table easily every night of the week.

Online Courses (COMING SOON!)