Create Balance Method

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iving a balanced life means creating and maintaining equilibrium between multiple parts of your life, including family, work, personal fulfillment, and more

Now, having a definition of a balanced life is great, but the real question is, how can you create and maintain that balance in your real, busy, messy life? How do you find balance when you’re running late to pick up the kids, all you’ve had to eat is a half-eaten granola bar you found sitting in the car, and you still have no idea how you are going to finish the work project you are only half-way through. How do real parents find real balance in their lives without quitting their jobs or hiring a host of babysitters and cleaning services?

The answer is in the foundations of balance.

Foundation 1: Essential Values

Essential Values are the few, truly essential values that direct your time, energy, focus, and attention in daily life.

Foundation 2: “Live in Balance” Systems

“Live in Balance” Systems are the structures and habits you put into place that keep your time, energy, focus, and attention on your essential values, and that also allow you to maintain balance between your different essential values and your life responsibilities.

Foundation 3: Reflection

Reflection is the process of reassessing both your essential values and the effectiveness of your “live in balance” systems. This reflection is foundational because our responsibilities, our families, and our lives are all dynamic and changing, and reflection allows you to grow and change with them in a balanced way.

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Any effort you put into creating and maintaining balance in your life must include a focus on these three foundations. These foundations are the focus of the work we will do together through workshops or personal consulting. Click here to set the foundations of balance in YOUR life now!