Personal Consulting

 With life-balance consulting you get personalized, one-on-one support as you create and maintain balance between family, work, and personal fulfillment

profile_LPEach personal consulting package includes:

    • A FREE, no commitment, 30 minute introductory consultation.
    • Several 50-minute individual consulting sessions*. Sessions are scheduled at times that is convenient for you. Session numbers vary by package.
    • Weekly personal e-mails from Marie to check-in and follow-up.
    • Personalized materials, worksheets, and action steps focused on your needs.

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*Most sessions take place over the phone. However, I am available for in-person consultations if you live in the Greater Boston area, and video consultations via Skype or Google Hangouts.

Transitions Package

When you go through a transition, like having another child, making a career shift, or dealing with a new responsibility, it is crucial to plan how you will maintain balance in your life. This 3-session package will help you do just that.

Productivity Package

Many new parents find that they must become far more efficient with time when they have children to care for. This 4-session package will teach you specific productivity strategies to improve your efficiency and focus on your priorities.

Essential Values Package

If you feel like you don’t know how to focus on the important parts of your life, this 4-session package is for you. Having balance in life requires knowing your essential values and in these sessions we will identify them and practice living them.

Declutter Space and Life Package

Are you ready to get rid of clutter in your home . . . and your life? If you feel like your physical and mental space are too cluttered with things that don’t bring you joy, this 5-session package is for you.

Customized Package

I’m an expert in creating and maintaining balance between family, work, and personal fulfillment. You are an expert in YOU: your strengths, your struggles, your skills, your family, and your life. Together we will develop a plan that leads YOU to a life of balance and joy.